Calendar Companion

Simple application that allows you to search your online Google Calendar.

The calendar on your phone can only keep 1 month of history so if you want to search your calendar entries from more than 1 month in the past, this app is for you.

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Global Search

Calendar Companion supports the built-in search feature that Android provides in version 1.6 onwards, however it limits the search to the local database on your phone for performance reasons.

To enable global search for Calendar Companion, press the menu button and go to Settings | Search | Searchable item and make sure "Calendar Companion" is selected.

Android's global search uses a ranking algorithm and when you first enable search for Calendar Companion, it has a very low ranking. As such, you will have to scroll all the way down and expand calendar search results under "More results...". Continually selecting Calendar Companion results gradually increases its ranking and causes results to immediately show up at the top of the list. Selecting a response takes you to the corresponding calendar entry in your native calendar.

Privacy Policy

See the application privacy policy here.